Task Templates can be created for commonly created Tasks. This allows  you to define common types of jobs and quickly dispatch jobs via the template wizard.

Create a new Task Template by clicking on the Templates link in the Tasks Listing screen.

You will then be in the Task Templates Listing Screen. On the right hand side of the screen, click on the Add New button

Step 1 of the Task Template wizard

The Create Task Template wizard will appear. 

Step 1 of the Task Template wizard requires you to configure the following:

  1. Give the template a Template Name
  2. Filling the The Description
  3. Select an icon for your Template
  4. Select whether or not Tasks that are created through this Template can be reviewed. This is useful for adding an office review/acceptance process that occurs after the Task has been completed in the field. Reviewable Templates also allow you to specify which Form entry fields can be updated by the office users after the job is completed on the app.
  5. Add custom statuses that can be applied by reviewers after a Task has been completed by the app user. This is useful for tracking the steps of an office review/acceptance process that occurs after the Task has been completed in the field. You can also change the names of the existing app/system statuses, as well as specify colour coding for the various status options.

Once this is completed you can click on the STEP 2: TASK DETAILS button

Step 2 of the Task Template Wizard

Step 2 of the Task Template wizard presents you with a Create Task Template Screen

  1. Specify the number of days in within which the Task must be completed. If the app user does not complete the Task by this date, the Task will show in red as overdue until they complete it.
  2. Enter any additional information for the Task.
    Use this field to enter notes and other useful information that the app user should know about the Task.
  3. Select whether or not you are want to allow the user to Reject the Task.
  4. The External Id field is optional and allows you to enter a code or identifier from any other system you are using.  This way you have a link to systems like a CRM.
  5. Location is an optional field that allows you to specify a street address for the Task to be performed at.
    You can optionally search for the Street name and mark it on the provided map.
    If you do this then the GPS co-ordinates of the Location will be included in the Task for the app user to view on a map in the mobile app.
  6. The Must Complete Within field allows you to force the Task to be completed within a specified radius of the selected Location.
    If you choose one of the available Complete Within options, then the system will use mobile device GPS to detect how close the app user is to the Location.
    The app user will not be able to complete the Task until the GPS confirms that they are within the specified radius.
    Be careful with this option.  The GPS systems in mobile devices can be inaccurate indoors, which may result in your app user being unable to complete the Task.

Once you've filled out the fields, you can hit the STEP 3: TASK ACTIVITIES button on the right.  

Step 3 of the Task Template wizard

After creating a new Task Template, you will enter the Task Template Activities screen. 

The Activities screen contains the list of Task activities. Add activities by using the Add Activitylink. 

You can change the order of the activities by using the arrow head buttons to the right of each row, and delete activities using the X button.
Each activity must have an Activity Type and relevant Activity Details specified.

  • For the Fill Out Form type, you must specify the Form from the list of published Forms.
  • The Read Doc activity type requires that you select a Doc from the published Doc list
  • The Instruction type requires that you enter some text describing the instruction.

Once you have added your activities, click on the STEP 4: TASK PRESETS button on the right

Step 4 of the Task Template wizard

Step 4 takes you to the Preset Fields Screen. If one of your activities is to complete a Form, you will be able to select which fields can be edited by the person dispatching the Task. You can additionally select whether or not these fields are required on the right hand side of the screen.

Once you have completed this, click on the Create button on the right hand side. You will now be able to Create tasks from this Template